Kelly Clarkson is looking' good, y'all!

Recently dropping 30 pounds thanks to an intense new workout routine and a portion-control diet, American Idol's inaugural champ, 30, slimmed down and can't be more thrilled with her new figure. Still, she insists there in no secret to her weight loss -- just the tried and true diet and exercise.

"It's just trying to eat a little better and work out a little more," the singer told Us Weekly during a recent taping of her ABC series Duets. "But no matter what size I am I love performing no matter how big or little I am! I feel good."


A big motivating factor for Clarkson to revamp her bod these days? New boyfriend Brandon Blackstock, the stepson of country crooner Reba McEntire. "Brandon is the first guy who ever tell her how beautiful and sexy she is," a source says of the Nashville-based talent manager. "She wants to look good for him."

Here, Us Weekly outlines Clarkson's weight loss journey and looks at how she transformed from Idol's girl-next-door to a bonafide bombshell superstar.

This article originally appeared on Kelly Clarkson's Amazing Slimdown: All the Details!