It's back to life as usual for Kelly Osbourne. After suffering a seizure on the set of Fashion Police March 7, Osbourne, 28, has finally been released from the hospital -- but the cause of her health scare remains unknown.

"After a five-day hospital stay, Kelly Osbourne has returned home and has been given a clean bill of health by her doctor," her rep confirmed to E! News. "Doctors ran numerous tests and determined that this was most likely a onetime episode of which there are no conclusive results. She is looking forward to returning to Fashion Police this week and getting back to business and life as usual."

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Osbourne tweeted to her fans shortly after she was admitted to the hospital, "Thank you all for your beautiful well wishes yes I did have a seizure they are just trying to figure out why?"

And she was patiently waiting for test results from her hospital bed. "My life is now like an episode of House = the impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyones faces!" she tweeted Monday.

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Though she didn't receive "conclusive results," Osbourne is excited to be getting her life back to normal."Thank you to all the Doctors Nurses Medical Staff and Employees Cedars Sinai Hospital for fixing me enough to go home," she wrote. "It's so nice to being bed!"

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Osbourne's mother Sharon also addressed her daughter's health on The Talk Monday and said she's back to her old (mischievous) self. "She's on medication. She's fine. Nobody knows why she had it . . . Can't figure out a reason why, but she is fine and naughty."

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