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Money-making model! Kendall Jenner may get a payday from her appearances on her famous family's reality show, but she's seriously cashing in on the catwalk, too!

The brunette beauty cracked Forbes' list of highest-paid models in the world in 2015, making the 19-year-old the youngest woman on to appear in the coveted rankings.

Forbes said Kendall took home $4 million last year, putting her as the 16th top earner on the list, just behind Kate Moss. She actually ranks slightly ahead of Kate Upton, who pulled in $3.5 million from June 2014 to June 2015.

Kendall's appeal, the magazine said, comes from her stunning looks, of course, but also from her influence in digital media, ie. her Instagram, in which she has 36.4 million followers.

Kendall has said in the past that her rise to modeling stardom didn't come easily, because many casting directors and fashion designers felt her participation in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" was a drawback.

"You have no idea how many doors closed on me and how many adults were either initially reluctant to take a chance working with me or who outright laughed at me behind my back," she once said in V Magazine. "It was kind of hard because all I was doing was going on go-sees, trying my best to break into this business as a teenager."

Kendall will have some work to do if she wants to make it to the top of the list -- a lot of work, actually. Gisele Bundchen largely outpaces her fellow glamour girls, as she took in an astounding $44 million in the one-year time frame. Coming in second: Cara Delevingne and Adriana Lima, who each pulled in $9 million, almost five times less than Gisele.

Gisele, Forbes said, has made more money than any other model since 2002.

When someone used the term "money maker" in referring to their face, they could be speaking about these women in a literal sense.