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Kendra Wilkinson has gotten naked (several times) for Playboy, but you might be surprised to learn that the reality TV star has never been cool with checking herself out in a certain piece of clothing -- until now!

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"I've never been able to look at myself on TV in a bathing suit, but I'm finally able to do it," gushed Kendra on Thursday night at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style bash. "I've worked my ass off."

The revelation is even more profound considering Kendra recently wrapped up a run on Fox's diving competition series "Splash," which required her to be in a bathing suit in practice and on TV every week.

But Kendra's focus on her body actually kicked into gear following the birth of her son, Hank Jr., in December 2009, with husband Hank Baskett. And while some may call it "hard work," Kendra has another word for what she went through.

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"It was three years of pure war with myself," she said at the event, held at Hollywood's new hot spot, the Emerson Theatre. "I went through the first year of finding out I have the highest level of hyper thyroids you can get. I was running off zero metabolism, so during the second year, the weight started shedding off because I found the answers to my new diet. You just have to find the key to your new diet after you have a baby."

One of the keys to Kendra's diet is nixing cheese and adding nearly a dozen snack breaks to her schedule. "I eat all day," she said. "Like hummus and veggies. I'll snack, like, 10 times throughout the day."

In addition to diet, Kendra detailed the other key to her newfound success -- exercise. "I work out twice a day; I go to yoga, I hike and I go to my husband's gym -- he owns a gym so I have to look good. I don't stop moving."

Speaking of looking good, there was another baby-related issue that Kendra had to deal with. "Little Hank was huge. He gave me the worst stretch marks you could possibly get -- I still have stretch marks," explained Kendra, who admits that she's finally come to terms with it. "I actually feel good for once in my life."

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