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Kevin Costner saved Whitney Houston on the big screen. But now, the actor is hoping that her daughter can also be saved in real life.

Kevin will forever be linked to all things Whitney due to their unforgettable performance in 1992's "The Bodyguard." And while he hasn't spoken to Bobbi Kristina Brown in quite some time, he is hoping she will pull through her life-and-death battle.

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"I was sad, obviously," Kevin told People magazine of the situation. "That family's under a lot of stress right now, just an enormous amount of stress."

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Kevin's comments came upon hearing that Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a tub on Jan. 31. While it has officially been ruled a "drowning incident," police reportedly found drugs in the home. The incident is eerily similar to circumstances surrounding Whitney's death three years ago.

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"I can't imagine," Kevin said of the kind of pain the Brown family is dealing with. "I really hope she's okay."

A family spokesman said Whitney's daughter is "fighting for her life." People magazine also quoted a source who said it would be a "miracle" if Bobbi Kristina survives.