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By Paige Ferrari

Kevin Ferderline: alpha freeloader, acclaimed baby daddy, aspiring clothing designer, Vanilla Ice 2.0, and now ... reality star?

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Yes, that's right. Britney Spears' ex is reportedly pitching a reality project that will feature his life with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, and his girlfriend, former volleyball star Victoria Prince.

(Hey, someone has got to keep this guy in flight to Vegas and cargo pants.)

Of course, this is not the first time K-Fed has dabbled with reality television. Devoted fans of the K-Fed Britney union will recall "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic" a certain reality special that ... um ... redefined the medium.

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By that we mean it permanently scarred us. Left us empty inside. Horrified a nation in a way only watching shaky home videos of Kevin skeeving on Britney, while Britney -- dilated pupils, natch -- mutters about eternal love, "her truth," and angels or something, can.

We can only hope that "Growing up Federline" or "Filling up Daddy's Bank Account" or whatever the show is titled will be a somewhat better produced (for the love of all things holy, Kevin, get a steadycam!) and a whole lot less traumatizing.

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