Kevin Spacey was the opening act at the 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Apr. 27. The 53-year-old actor spoofed his own Netflix series, House of Cards, in a funny sketch titled, "House of Nerds."

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Playing his character Rep. Frank Underwood, Spacey lobbies John McCain, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and more politicians. "I may lie, cheat and intimidate to get what I want, but at least I get the job done," he said in the clip. "So I hope some of you are taking notes."

"Have a wonderful evening," he added. "I'll see all of you at the Bloomberg Vanity Fair party -- that is, all of you that got an invite. Oh, and Mr. President, welcome to Nerd Prom."

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Later that night, Spacey took to Twitter to clear up some confusion over a face he was caught making by cameras during the dinner. "Hear C-SPAN had me looking lost at the end of WHCD. I was actually looking for Robin Wright, who I promised I would escort out," he wrote about his House of Cards costar. "Found her."

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Watch the funny clip above and tell Us: Did you like Spacey's House of Cards spoof?

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