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Nothing says forever like a tattoo -- with the initials of your beloved!

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Just-married Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom capped off a romantic dinner date Saturday, Oct. 24 like many smitten couples before them: they got love tattoos!

As Kardashian blogged Oct. 26, "Lamar and I were eating at Sunset Plaza and I just said, 'Let's go to Tattoo Mania! I want a tattoo!'"

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And so they did. At L.A.'s Tattoo Mania, artist Dirk Vanderlinden applied "L.O." on Kardashian's right hand and "K.O." on both of Odom's hands.

"They were so cute!" Vanderlinden tells "They were very sweet with each other -- definitely typical newlyweds," the artist says, adding that "they were really happy with how their tattoos turned out."

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Neither is a tattoo virgin; Vanderlinden has inked "I love you" in the handwriting of Khloe's late father, Robert Kardashian, on her wrist. The reality star also has a cross and angel wings with "Daddy" written on them on her lower back.

"I'm definitely a believer in tattoos as long as they are thoughtful and have significant meaning, which all of mine do," she writes on her blog.

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As for Lamar, a pal tells Us, "All of Lamar's tattoos are meaningful to his family and so it was important for him to commemorate his new wife."

And no diva antics from the pair, either: "Out of all the celebrities we deal with, and we deal with a lot, Khloe is probably the nicest, most down to earth person -- a real sweetheart," Vanderlinden says. "It was the first time I'd met Lamar but he was as nice as can be, and very easygoing."

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