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Khloe Kardashian is hoping to make a love connection for her sister Kourtney.

In an attempt to get back at Kourtney for setting her up on some blind dates in the past, Khloe is now hosting a speed dating session to find her sister a mate.

Can you guess whose celeb this is?

"It's my turn to have a little fun!" Khloe wrote on her website Tuesday. "Kourtney hates the 'getting to know you' game, as she calls it, so she NEVER dates! So I decided that it was my responsibility to help my dear sister find a suitable, and sexy, companion. LOL."

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"So all of you eligible bachelors out there, if you think my sister Kourtney is a hot bitch and you want to date her, swing by DASH in Miami this Thursday, June 4th at noon so I can judge ALL of you!" she went on. "Who knows? You just might be picked to go on a date with Kourtney!"

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Think you're "the one" for Kourtney?

Dash is located at 815 Washington Ave. in Miami.