The Hollywood Reporter -- Kim Dotcom is back -- and apparently campaigning to be a Time magazine honoree.

"Leading the #Time100 poll with a 93% approval rating. I can die now (or enter politics). Eat this FBI," the Megaupload founder wrote on Twitter on Monday. He also noted to his followers: "We passed @BarackObama in the #Time100 poll together. Thank you so much for voting. You are the best!"

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Dotcom currently places No. 3 on the reader poll list, behind Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal. The magazine's editors, not readers, will announce selections on April 18.

Dotcom, who launched a new file-sharing service called Mega in January, has appeared to be keeping close tabs on the online poll.

"Megaupload Founder vs Megaupload Killers," he tweeted, with a screenshot of himself and President Obama on the Time website on April 6. He added: "To get on the #Time100 would be EPIC because the corrupt people who destroyed #Megaupload would hate it."

Because Time 100 voting is open to the public, of course, internet campaigning can sway voting. Last December, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un placed first in the magazine's reader's poll for Person of the Year. However, the newly reelected President Obama was selected to grace the cover.

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