Kim Kardashian couldn't keep her hands off another famous behind at Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars: Lil' Kim's!

"Lil' Kim was mesmerizing to watch, and after the show I had to grab her booty!" the reality star, 28, blogged after meeting the rapper backstage after the show.

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"She is so curvy," added Kardashian, who was the second contestant voted off during season 7.

Can you guess the star behind?

"Melissa and Tony were so beautiful together but so much fun to watch...and Cheryl and Gilles -- I really couldn't tell the difference between who was the professional. They are so hot together!" Kardashian went on.

"I absolutely love Holly," she continued. "It was sad to see Woz and Holly go last night but that's the rules of the show and now it's being elevated to the next level."

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"I am so glad I had the chance to catch up with my friends!" she added. "Ahhh, I miss dancing!"

Kardashian also posted another little surprise online: a brand new flower tattoo on her left arm under the title "I can't believe I got inked!"

Neither could her fans; she later admitted it was an April Fool's Joke.