@kimkardashian / Instagram 1 / 10
@kimkardashian / Instagram 1 / 10

Who said Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are frenemies?

Mrs. West reached back -- way back! -- into her photo archives on Feb. 18 to unleash a vintage picture of her and her former BFF on vacation.

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Taken in 2006 during a vacation in Ibiza, both Kim and Paris look fresh-faced, makeup-free and youthful. The former besties also rock very low cut tops, but it certainly is nothing compared the revealing shots Paris is posting these days, and nothing compared to the even more revealing shots Kim is posing for nowadays!

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"Found this pic while unpacking!" Kim wrote on Instagram before wishing the famous heiress a happy belated birthday.

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Paris clearly loved the trip down memory lane as well, re-posting the shot to her Instagram.

The two had a well-known falling out, but it seems like things between the two of them have mended.