Kim Kardashian  as a great sense of humor, even when it comes to herself -- but she's a stickler for facts! Appearing with sister Kourtney on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday Jan. 16, the pregnant reality star, 32, tolerated David Letterman's jokes about her complicated romantic history.

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Cracking that Kim was married to two guys, Letterman asked, "Now, you're still married to the former husband, Kris Humphries? You're still married to him?" Confirming that, Kim (carrying boyfriend Kanye West's baby, with no engagement news as yet), explained that she "would love" to get an annulment from NBA star Humphries, 28 -- but explained their current legal battle, in which Humphries is accusing her of defrauding him by marrying for publicity.

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Cracked Kourtney, 33: "I think if she was going to do it for publicity, she'd pick someone that people knew!"

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The expectant Kim (wearing a tuxedo-style outfit) later called out Letterman for his endless jokes about her so-called "72-day marriage" -- demanding that they "have to stop." Reasoned Kim: "Those jokes really can't work, because I've really been married for almost two years. . . . So it hasn’t been 72 days, it's been almost two years." (Kardashian and Humprhies tied the knot in August of 2011, with Kim filing divorce papers on October 31.)

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