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Kim Richards lived in the lap of luxury as one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Now, though, she's homeless.

TMZ reports that Kim has basically been house-hopping, staying at multiple different homes, ever since leaving rehab in mid-July. However, she has quickly lost friends and family willing to put her up and has been living out of her car.

On Aug. 2, Kim was arrested for shoplifting at Target after she allegedly stole $600 worth of goods. She reportedly left the store with more than 50 items in her shopping cart. At the store, the website says, "her conduct was truly bizarre."

The former reality star has apparently been "self-medicating," the site says, although it's unclear if she was under the influence while at Target.

"Kim's family does not know what to do," TMZ said. "They want to help but it's unclear at this point what can be done to help Kim."

Kim has been on a bit of a downward spiral for quite some time. She was arrested in April for public intoxication and assaulting a police officer in April. While in rehab, she left to attend her daughter's nuptials, where she was apparently under the influence of something. She later stayed in Mexico for a few days, although she was supposed to report back to rehab.

Kim's sister, Kyle, and husband Mauricio Umansky have also "washed their hands" of Kim.

Kim is aware that her alcohol has been an issue in the past. Just last month, Kim told Entertainment Tonight, "I love sobriety. I've always loved sobriety, and relapsing was very hard for me. It was not easy. I have to say, don't take this wrong, but I really wanted to go to treatment because I needed a break from what I was going through at home."

As for that infamous April arrest, Kim cites family issues as being a breaking point for her. "Monty, my ex-husband, is very sick and my son wasn't well," she said. "And I had to give away my dog, and I wasn't talking to my sister [Kyle Richards]."