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Kim Zolciak Biermann is wigging out.

The reality star took to Instagram on June 2 to show off her new, long weaving hair. But, there's a catch, it wasn't her authentic hair.

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"Real hair don't care," the mommy of 6 captioned her latest selfie with synthetic hair. "I love my hair but a wig is so much easier for me! They can be curled off my head and just put on and I'm ready to roll!"

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Her hashtags included thoughts of using a person's time wisely and that spending time with your kids is more important than spending time doing your hair, hence the wig.

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Kim's looks always seem to be a topic of discussion -- of course, she welcomes most of this with her seemingly endless selfies -- but she recently took exception to one report that she had work done on her face. A report this week claimed that "top doctors" had concluded that she had plastic surgery.

"This is ridiculous!" she tweeted, while using some choice words to describe the tabloid report. "I have not had surgery on my face period!!!!"