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Getty Images North America

Daughter drama! Kim Zolciak Biermann's daughter has claimed that she is ready to fly the coup and wants to be emancipated from her parents when she is eligible.

On the newest episode of "Don't Be Tardy," Ariana Biermann said she is dead serious about her intentions to move out of the family home when she turns 16 years old. She is currently 13 years old.

"I found out that you can be emancipated when you are 16, and I really want that," she said. "My parents can be very strict. I have to babysit way more often than I want to -- I very rarely leave the house. I want to be able to go to the movies with all my friends or go to the mall like all my friends get to do. But my parents like to keep me home with the babies."

She even claims that she isn't getting the same luxuries that her older sister got.

"When Brielle was my age she could do whatever she wanted -- she was really never home," Ariana said. "I think I'm ready to live on my own, but it'd be really hard on my family. When I'm 16 I'm out of this house."

Kim all but admitted that she and her husband Kroy Biermann restrict their daughter because, as Kim says, Ariana "might be too smart for her own good." Kroy went as so far as to say she's "almost too mature, to the point it almost concerns me a little bit."

Kim, though, believes that the real issue here is that Ariana is simply boy crazy. "Ariana has loved boys since she first went to school at three," she said. "LOVES boys. I feel like Kroy and I definitely have to stay on top of Ariana."

Three years, Ariana, three years.