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Kim Zolciak Biermann's waist line is a sight to behold.

The reality star, no stranger to selfies, took to Instagram on June 8 to show off her shrinking waistline, thanks, she says, to her waist trainer.

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"Lost 4 inches from wearing my waist trainer from @nowaistclique,'' Kim captioned the snap, before plugging the plum waist trainer. "Ladies join in on this journey with me use promo code:Kim15 to receive 15% off..tell them I sent you!!!#nowaistclique."

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Kim has posted several selfies in her waist trainer, but this is the smallest we've seen her midsection.

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The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is one of many celebrities who have embraced the waist training craze, but medical professionals aren't sold, with many saying that long term use could be harmful to the body.

Kim's looks always seem to be a topic of discussion -- of course, she welcomes most of this with her seemingly endless string of selfies -- but she recently took exception to one report that she had work done on her face. A recent report claimed that "top doctors" had concluded that she had plastic surgery.

"This is ridiculous!" she tweeted, while using some choice words to describe the tabloid report. "I have not had surgery on my face period!!!!"