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Kris Allen can't believe he won American Idol.

"I feel tired, but I feel great," the 23-year-old Arkansas native told reporters after last night's show. "I'm exhausted, but I'm shocked -- I'm really shocked."

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Allen says he still "feels that" Adam Lambert should have taken the title "because he deserves it just as much as I do.

"He's an amazing, amazing performer, a gifted, gifted guy and really just an amazing guy. And it was fun doing this with him. It really was."

After winning the show, Allen's wife, Katy, ran up and hugged him.

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"She didn't say anything, we just hugged each other. We just felt like we needed that," Allen tells Us. "[Now] this is all over with...we can be married again.

But Katy won't be joining him on tour, even though she was in the audience each week on Idol.

"She doesn't want to follow me around, so she's going to come for a couple of shows for sure, but she going to have her own life for the summer. But we'll be keeping in touch a lot," Allen says.

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Lambert, the runner-up, tells Us he "kind of had a feeling" Allen would win when he was standing on stage.

"There was a second where I guess I, like, had to prepare myself for either possibility, and I was like, 'I think it might be Kris,'" the 27-year-old San Diego native tells Us.

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Even though he didn't win, he says he had no regrets.

"I felt really satisfied with [Tuesday] night's show," he tells Us.

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