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In the upcoming issue of PARADE, Kris Allen opens up about his source of musical inspiration, married life and some Adam Lambert guy who we hear has been getting a bit of attention lately. Check out the highlights below, and then read the full article here.

Jealous of Adam Lambert? No way, Kris is cool as a cucumber:

"Adam is definitely one of those people who garnishes media attention. He's different, and he's something completely different from Idol and so I think he deserves all that stuff. And for me, I'm totally laid back and cool. Being on the cover of Rolling Stone, he had something to say and they wanted to be the ones to say it. That was his way to do that. I don't have any problems with it at all. I think Adam totally deserves it. I don't feel like he's stealing my thunder."

No, really, he and Adam are BFFs:

"Me and Adam are really good friends. I learned from going to different countries and seeing different people that you can't have a one-track mind about anything. There are so many unanswered questions. I'm never going to rule out anything so you have to have an open mind and it's just about getting along with people and just having fun while we're on Earth."

Marriage is kind of a big deal:

"It's nothing normal. It's more like the craziest boyfriend-girlfriend situation right now. It doesn't feel too much like we're married just because it's a completely different married life than we've expected, but it's still really good. We've learned that you gotta take things a little bit differently being like this. [if it wasn't for Idol] it would probably be just me and my wife sitting and having a comfortable life, and that would have been fine too. But it happened to work out this way."

On taking musical inspiration from MTV's high-art programming:

"I was in my first year of college, and I wrote a song called 'The Real World' and it was horrible! But you live and you learn. The thing that inspires me the most [when I write] is stuff that is happening in my life at that time. Whether it be the good, the bad, whatever. It's just about different people, friends, family and my wife."

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