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Early on, Kris Jenner struggled with the idea of her ex-husband allegedly transitioning from male to female. Now, though, she's backing him up entirely.

So is his family.

"Kris had the most difficult time of anyone in the family," a source told People Magazine. "She has had a lot to process. She has cried a lot about this, because it's an emotional thing for her."

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Kris, and the family for that matter, are now moving forward without ill will.

"No one in the family feels betrayed or deceived by Bruce," the source said. "It's not like he woke up one day and was like, 'Surprise!' He moved through his own feelings and his own changes at his own pace."

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And in a show of support, Kris has been studying up on the issue.

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"She's come back around," the source said. "She has gotten used to the idea. She was most upset because it was the great unknown, but she has really been reading up on things now, so she'll know what to expect."

Kris and Bruce were married for 22 years but filed for divorce in September 2014. And if there was any question about whether the Karashian-Jenner crew have Bruce's back, this moment quickly answered that.