Amanda Bynes' parents aren't the only people who are concerned for her well-being. Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Kardashian are worried, too -- but they're hopeful that the 27-year-old actress' current 5150 psychiatric hold is a step in a more positive direction.

Jenner brought up Bynes' recent troubles during a chat with Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Seacrest, who co-hosted the Thursday, July 25, episode of the reality star's new talk show, Kris. The conversation was later cut from the broadcast, but Us Weekly has the clip.

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As previously reported, Bynes is currently being detained under an extended, involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold, following an incident earlier this week involving a driveway fire in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Her parents, Rick and Lynn, have filed a request for a judge to impose a conservatorship over their daughter, which would grant them decision-making authority over certain aspects of her life.

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"This is something that, for me as a mom, makes me very sad, but happy that she's getting perhaps the help that she needs for one reason or another," Jenner said on Thursday. "I've always said, 'I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, I'm not there, I don't want to be the one who's quick to judge, you know, and be real negative.' I like to look at the glass half full. And so I'm really glad that, whatever's going on, this would be the start of a new beginning for her."

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Seacrest went on to talk about the comparisons between Bynes and Britney Spears, who was placed under the conservatorship of her father five years ago. "You look at what Britney was able to do and to overcome with the people that got to be around her...and she's in a great place right now," he said. "So hopefully the right people get to be around Amanda and get her on track as well."

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Jenner agreed that "it's all about who you surround yourself with." In her family, she joked, "we just surround ourselves with each other, 'cause there's 52 of us."

She noted, too, that her daughter Kim is one of Bynes' biggest fans. "Kim loves Amanda," she said. "She's obsessed with her and really wants her to be fabulous and get well."

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