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Two months after Kristen Bell gave birth to little Lincoln, the actress made her first official post-baby appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for an episode set to air on June 3. The 32-year-old says she's having "a lot of fun" taking care of her newborn daughter with her fiance, Dax Shepard.

"It's actually better than I expected," she says of motherhood. "It's pretty wonderful." Bell boasts that Shepard, 38, is "the best" dad. "It's like he's just made a new best friend," she explains. "He just talks to her all the time. And sings to her all day. It's wonderful."

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Bell chose not to share a picture of her baby on TV, joking that she and Shepard are "not quite positive that [Lincoln] wants to be a public figure yet."

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"We're going to leave that up to her," Bell explains. "If she wants to, she can do a bunch of selfies. Who cares? But we're just not going to make that decision for her." (Coincidentally, the family was photographed for the first time in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday.)

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Bell also reveals that Lincoln has "always been Dax's favorite name," which is not too surprising, given that their daughter shares a name with Shepard's prized 1967 Lincoln Continental. The former "Heroes" star jokes that Shepard got to choose the moniker because "he is substantially bigger than I am, so I lost."


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