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Looks like distraught "Twilight" fans can quit sticking pins in their Kristen Stewart-shaped voodoo dolls over a spurious report that surfaced this week claiming she may have a sparkly vampire bun in the oven courtesy of co-star and maybe-beau Robert Pattinson.

While reps for both stars have remained mum about the pregnancy rumblings, which spread quickly on the Interwebs despite a dubious source (the Australian tabloid NW) and hazy details, a snitch close to the 19-year-old actress insists the baby burblings are complete hooey.

"It is a nonsense, made-up story from an Australian tabloid with no merit," scoffs the insider to E!'s Ted Casablanca.

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Also not sweating the stork whispers is Summit, the production company behind the insanely popular bloodsucker franchise.

"Of course the studio heard about it, but it's not worth their time," adds the mole. "They knew there was no chance Kristen would be having Rob's kid. It didn't faze them."

NW claimed Stewart, who's currently shooting "The Runaways" in Los Angeles (and is rocking a decidedly flat stomach), asked a friend to buy her a pregnancy test after she did some math.

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"When she worked out she was late, she obviously started thinking that she could be pregnant," a source alleged to the mag. "And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father."

That sure is a lot of suspicious "could be" qualifiers for such a short statement, which pretty much convinces us that Kristen won't have to worry about the painful logistics involved in breast-feeding a fangy vamp baby.

Besides, it's Pattinson, not Stewart, who is experiencing sudden cravings.

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People magazine says the attention-overloaded dreamboat enjoyed a pastry fix while filming "Remember Me" in New York City this week.

During a break, he popped into a bakery with some crew members and indulged in a serving of chocolate mousse and a cappuccino.

"He was a really nice guy," affirms a spywitness, who says the other sweet-toothed patrons left him alone to get caffeinated and sugared up in peace.

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