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Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is resurrecting his canceled TV show The Beautiful Life for an internet-only run following a campaign from upset fans.

The series, which starred Mischa Barton as a troubled supermodel, was axed in September after just two episodes following low ratings.

Last month, rumors circulated suggesting the show could be brought back, and now executive producer Kutcher has confirmed the remaining episodes will air online on video sharing website Kutcher reveals the decision to revive the show came after he was besieged by devoted fans who wanted to see the rest of the series.

He says: "Given the rise of social media and the scale of online consumer reach, original content producers are turning to the web to connect mass audiences with high-quality entertainment programming.

"When 'The Beautiful Life' concluded on broadcast television, we were deluged by fans imploring us to bring [it] back TBL.

"Working with innovative companies like YouTube, we are thrilled to be ending this year by releasing the remaining episodes of 'The Beautiful Life' and taking part in a unique marketing program that could only occur online."

The first unseen episode debuts on the internet on Thursday, followed by two more on Monday, Dec. 21.