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@kyliejenner / Instagram 1 / 13

In public high school, Kylie Jenner didn't have "big issues" with anyone. It was when she was home schooled that people began questioning her -- most specifically, they questioned whether she legitimately got a diploma.

"I have the diploma to prove all my hard work," she said in a story on her subscribers-only app.

School, she said, was actually a good experience for her.

"I was pretty lucky in my school experience, even before I was home-schooled," she said. "I feel like I was friends with everyone. I didn't really have any 'big issues' with people."

Home schooling was a lot different for her, though, especially from a social aspect. But it was also necessary.

"It was obviously a lot less social, but it was way easier to manage with my hectic schedule," she said. "So we worked around that schedule and I ended up with a situation where I was always 1:1 on with my teacher. This helped me SO much because I was never afraid to ask questions."

Finally, after all the years of hitting the books, Kylie was able to don the cap and gown... and then came the party. However, there was one person missing from the festivities, Caitlyn Jenner.

"Bruce was a huge part of my life in school," she said. "I wish Caitlyn could have been there, but it's understandable why she wasn't, and I respected my mom's decision about it."

Full disclosure: Kylie Jenner's app is operated by Whalerock Industries.