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Lady Gaga's trainer has come to the pop star's defense over reports she was ballooning in weight, insisting she remains one of his most dedicated clients.

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Celebrity fitness expert Harley Pasternak claims a series of unflattering photos of Gaga on a "bad day" are to blame for the stories about his pal piling on the pounds. The personal trainer tells HollyScoop.com, "She was bloated and they took a bad picture of her. Have you seen her lately? She looks phenomenal."

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Pasternak also says he rarely has to get tough with Gaga, because she works hard to stay in shape.

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He adds, "She is really active on stage and she is active throughout the day. We use resistance training for her as a way to sculpt and tone her body... She loves her blender and her smoothies. She loves soups. Pureed soups.

"She is an incredible chef! She has given me recipes that I have used. She makes incredible Italian food, incredible Japanese food... She is big into stir-fries. She likes using different grains from different cultures."