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Khloe Kardashian was the victim of a verbal attack by none other than her soon-to-be ex-husband, Lamar Odom, on Aug. 12, according to a new report and photo.

TMZ is claiming that the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was "ambushed" and "blindsided" at 6:45 a.m. as she walked into SoulCycle in Beverly Hills, Calif.

"Lamar was demanding that [Khloe] talk to him. She kept walking as he was screaming," an eyewitness told TMZ, who also posted a grainy image of the alleged altercation. "At that point Lamar touched Khloe's arm and she screamed at him, 'Get off of me, get off of me. Stop. Stop.'"

Another person on the scene asked the realty star if she wanted them to call the police on Lamar, to which the former NBA star allegedly screamed, "You're not going to call the cops on Lamar Odom."

Lamar lives in Las Vegas now, so his reason for being both in the Los Angeles area and at Khloe's gym at that hour of the morning is unknown. Khloe, at one point during the verbal assault, screamed at Lamar, "How did you know I was here?" He didn't give a clear answer, the website said.

The reality star, who was visibly freaked out by the altercation, got in her car immediately and left.

The couple signed divorce documents just last month but are waiting on a judge to formally sign off on the split.

In the current issue of Women's Health, Khloe actually romanced about her marriage and her ex. "I love Lamar to death," she said. "He is the love of my life. We had a fantastic marriage. Do I wish he had tried harder? Yes. Do I think that he maybe didn't have the energy to fight because he was fighting so many other things? Yeah."