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Is a sex tape of "Saved By The Bell" star Lark Voorhies being shopped around by her estranged husband? It certainly appears that way.

TMZ is reporting that Jimmy Green is bragging that he has a homemade sex tape with Lark and that he is looking to get a serious payday out of it.

Lark, for what it's worth, acknowledges that a tape does likely exist, but counters that if there is one, it was shot without her consent or knowledge.

Lark's ex, though, says her claims are nonsense and that she was on board right from the jump.

Last week, the couple split after six months of marriage, with Lark citing "irreconcilable differences" in the divorce documents. The relationship got off to a inauspicious start, as they met on Facebook a year prior to their vows. They had a "commitment ceremony," and then later in the same month had an actual surprise wedding at a Vegas chapel.

Shortly after the wedding, Lark's mother filed for a restraining order against Jimmy claiming that she is constantly afraid that her son-in-law "will cause her physical harm and this has caused severe stress on her every day since April 2015."