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Just don't call her a basic blonde!

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Lauren Conrad showed off a fresh dye job on Instagram on Wednesday, July 23. "Things are getting real blonde around here," "The Hills" alum, 28, captioned the picture of her new color. With varying tones of honey and platinum, the look is a departure from Conrad's natural dirty blonde hair, which she's more or less stuck to since her "Laguna Beach" days.

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While other celebs like Nicole Richie and Anna Paquin are busy playing with various shades of the rainbow, Conrad has kept true to her California blonde babe style. "Sometimes I do a little color, but usually we kind of tweak it a little," the front woman for John Frieda Sheer Blonde's Keep Up With Your Blonde campaign told Us Weekly. "If I'm going to make a change, it's a gradual one."

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To maintain her hair's health, Conrad admits to taking vitamins daily and keeping harsh heat styling to a minimum. "When possible, I let it air dry," she tells Us. "Whenever you're putting that much heat on your hair, it's causing damage. So anytime you can skip a step, it helps."