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By Melissa Hunter

Body scrutiny is part of the package deal for celebrity, but roughly 99.99 percent of said scrutiny is geared toward the female stars. So, we can't help but report on that rare .01 percent. Especially when it involves a superhot A-lister. Celebuzz reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is being asked to drop 30 pounds for his role in Christopher Nolan's "Inception." This has incited thunderous criticism of Leo's current "doughy" figure.

He's a pretty easy target considering he shacks up with a new stick figure-y supermodel daily. And some clever paparazzi snagged pictures of him at the beach of late where he's showing a little tummy. And the tummy is, well, not a six pack.

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But 30 pounds seems a little extreme. Either there's a *gasp!* exaggeration in the report or he is meant to be sickly thin in the film. The report is a little contradictory.

The on-set source who reported to Radar said, "Leo needs to shed at least 30lbs. He's gained weight recently and looks almost a bit flabby, which isn't good, especially as the camera adds pounds."

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But then this sources says, "There's an action scene coming up at the end of the year in which he needs to appear emaciated, so the pressure is on."

All right, so he needs to look emaciated, which makes a little more sense than people being unhappy with his present heft. Really, Leo is handsome at any weight. But he better be careful, last time he was a skinny minny was around the time he was in "Romeo + Juliet" and the biggest friggin' heartthrob in the world (or at least my prepubescent middle school world). Might Leo revert to a tween heartthrob? It'll be like "17 Again" IRL!

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But chances are, he'll just drop the extreme amount of weight through Christian Bale's Celebrity Guide to Crash Dieting for Gritty Roles (sold exclusively to A-listers, sorry), and then get back to a healthy, supermodel-friendly weight. Because, let's be real, a model could never be with a guy who's got less body fat than her.