@liamhemsworth / Instagram 1 / 11
@liamhemsworth / Instagram 1 / 11

One member of the Hemsworth family is trying to take the head off of another family member. Literally.

But, it doesn't appear that a doctor will be necessary.

In a humorous Instagram photo, Liam Hemsworth showed that his dog has no regard for his older brother Chris, at least in action figure form.

"Tani's favorite chew toy. #Thorsday," Liam wrote of the Instagram photo that shows his beloved dog gnawing away at the head of a "Thor" action figure, a character, of course, that Chris played on the big screen.

It also looks like Tani may have already chewed off the toy's hands. Try grabbing your infamous hammer now, Thor!

Chris got a good chuckle out of the image, even reposting the snap. The heartthrob actor has shown off his sense of humor on Instagram ever since recently joining. In his first post, he showed off a giant snake slithering around in his backyard, calling it the real Jurassic Park. In his second post, he pretended to be running on a treadmill while carrying his son over his shoulder.