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Rising rapper Lil Reese has come under fire after a video emerged online which purportedly shows him assaulting a woman.

The shocking footage, which was leaked on the Internet earlier this week, shows a man believed to be Lil Reese getting into a heated argument with a young woman at a house party before lashing out and punching her repeatedly as she screams for help.

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The graphic video has caused outrage among fans, but Lil Reese, who is signed to Def Jam Recordings, did not appear to express remorse when he took to Twitter to address the controversy.

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He tweeted, "The haters tryna [trying to] see a mf dwn [mother------ down] ... lol Dey [they] gotta b [be] broke and bored [to] wanna upload sum [some] s*** from years ago... We winnin it's 2 [too] late."

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Lil Reese's Twitter post was published by MTV.com, but has since been deleted.