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It's safe to say that Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter had a better 16th birthday than all of us.

Reginae was recently gifted with both a Ferrari and a BMW SUV by her famous father for her Nov. 29 birthday, and lucky for us, the extravagant gift-giving was all captured on a special episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" (wait, that show still exists?!).

In the star-studded episode which also features a bday performance by Nicki Minaj, we see Reginae fall in love with the Ferrari at the dealership, when she tells her mom Toya that a $41,100 BMW isn't exactly good enough for her.

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"This is not giving me life," she snaps. "This is just giving me, like, 'oh.'"

But she is certainly "given life" when she spots a $223,000 Ferrari.

"What 16-year-old you know has a Ferrari? I can be the first one!" she exclaims.

Though at first the "A Milli" rapper and Toya trick Reginae into thinking she got a cherry red BMW SUV during the big reveal at her birthday party -- and to her credit, she takes the "disappointment" pretty well -- a white Ferrari rolls up.

Clearly, she likes it.

According to her mom, Reginae definitely deserves it.

"Ended up going over budget on this party, but it was well worth it," she says. "She's a good kid. She deserves it. She's doing big things at 16 so ... big things, big cars. We had to go out with a bang."