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By Melissa Hunter

After months of anticipation, Project Runway finally airs this Thursday, moving over to Lifetime from Bravo. And where couture goes, celebrities follow, so it's no wonder that the designer reality show "Project Runway" has attracted some rather famous fashionistas to guest judge on the newest season. To be able to turn the tables and be able to critique OTHER people's fashion choices? Well, now, that's just a fashion-forward starlet's dream come true.

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Lindsay Lohan is slated to serve as a guest judge in Season Six of the hit show. Apparently leggings and flannel shirts have made her an expert in the field of pajamas-turned-couture. To be fair, her style has spawned a million hipster girl copycats and her 6126 clothing line has been a success, especially in comparison to many of the failing celeb lines.

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While many of the famous faces on the "Runway" judges panel have yet to be revealed, People confirmed that Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria will be guest judging as well.

While neither of the two pint-sized stars have designed their own lines thus far, both are rumored to have lines in the works. Aguilera is reportedly being courted by TopShop owner Philip Green to design a line for the store. Meanwhile, Eva may want to start a clothing line of her own, inspired by her buddy Victoria Beckham (who we've heard is kind of/sort of interested in fashion).

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The show premieres Thursday August 20, and we're anxious to see what other stars take out their fashion vengance on the newest batch of aspiring designers.