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"I am NOT perfect lol we all make mistakes." Those sage words were tweeted this week by Lindsay Lohan, who seems to be making more than her fair share of missteps lately. Failing to lock up her house the night of an apparent break-in? Mistake. Leaving her cell phone at a deli and then calling the cops? Mistake. Making this face while hitting a Los Angeles hot spot on Thursday night? Mistake. Borrowing a stash of precious jewels? Big, big mistake.

Or so says Radar Online, which reports the liver-lipped, issues-beset starlet is on the hook after allegedly losing $2 million in baubles that were loaned to her a couple months ago by Beverly Hills jeweler XIV Karats. Seems that when the store asked for them back, she admitted they were gone.

"Lindsay claimed that they had been stolen from her safe," says a source, apparently referring to the same safe that was ripped from the wall during last weekend's burglary. "They've disappeared. XIV are not happy about it."

But Lohan's overworked rep says there's no truth to the story, telling Gossip Cop, "No $2 million of anything was lost."

While the store had no comment, the same can't be said for LiLo's seemingly no longer estranged dad, Michael, who manages to vague things up considerably.

"Lindsay didn't take anything from them," Papa Lohan assures Radar. "They lent her jewelry and she has to give it back to them. That's all I know. She has no intention of keeping any of it. So I guess they're sorting it out."

Linds, who was involved in another jewelry kerfuffle a few months ago when several thousand dollars worth of sparklers disappeared from an Elle magazine shoot, is likely going to lose track of more stuff, valuable and otherwise, in the coming days.

E! News reports she's about to move from her paparazzi staked-out Hollywood Hills pad into an apartment in a swanky Los Angeles high-rise.

"That way, in a building, she can have a doorman and be a lot safer," points out an insider.

Her inconstant squeeze, Samantha Ronson, is also on the move, and she, too, is trading her shutterbug-surrounded Hollywood Hills house for high-rise living. (That thumping sound you hear? It's their soon-to-be-former neighbors dropping to their knees in thanks.)

But it appears the dysfunctional duo won't be within cup-of-sugar-borrowing distance of each other.

"That would be disastrous," says the mole. "Everyone else in the building would move out."

Of course, there's still a chance their new neighbors will be subjected to the pair's patented, late-night shouting matches.

On Wednesday evening, they were once again in bickering mode, according to X17, which overheard "screaming and banging noises" not long after Lindsay turned up at Sam's digs. The cops were called, ostensibly to deal with the paparazzi.

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