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First comes club, then comes court! A silly court hearing wasn't gonna stop Lindsay Lohan from checking out a Paris hotspot.

The troubled actress is due in court on Jan. 28 in connection with her reckless driving sentence from 2012. If she hasn't completed her community service hours by the hearing, she could face jail time, especially considering she already failed to complete the hours once before.

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But court was far from her mind a few days prior to her hearing. People reported that Lindsay hung out at Paris' Le Titty Twister club on Jan. 25.

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"[She] came in with two friends around 3 in the morning and stayed until around 5, 5:30," a source told the magazine. "She danced and amused herself a lot."

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She may not be smiling come Jan. 28, though. It's been reported that Lindsay has been scrambling to get her hours done by the time she faces a judge, but it was going to take a miracle for her to finish.

Her defense for not completing the hours could center on a rare virus that she contracted in Bora Bora. Her illness apparently sidelined her for a few days. Then again, a judge may not be so sympathetic to someone who vacations in French Polynesia while still having community service to complete.

We don't necessarily expect Lindsay to be a hermit right now, but posting sexy selfies and clubbing at 5 am just days before a court hearing probably isn't the best look.