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By Michelle Lanz

We knew this sounded overly dramatic.

Turns out Samantha Ronson isn't, "terrified that her deeply depressed, drugged-out lover Lindsay Lohan has entered the final stages of a death spiral à la Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson," as reported in the National Enquirer.

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The erroneous report said Ronson staged an intervention for the actress, convincing her that the couple should go to a counseling program together.

But speaking to Gossip Cop through her spokeswoman, Lohan says that story is "incorrect" and "weird," and we agree. The actress claims she, her younger sister Ali, and Samantha just returned from celebrating Ronson's 32nd birthday in Chicago.

We suspected that particular rumor was a bit off, considering Lindsay recently confirmed via Twitter that she landed a role in Robert Rodriguez's film "Machete." She also did a little image cleanup by stopping by a local ice cream shop to teach a group of kids her secret recipe for milkshakes (ahh, how precious).

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We're no expert, but we've seen enough of the A&E show "Intervention" to know that most people about to go off the deep end don't spend their time volunteering, nor do they sign on for a new job -- well, unless they're Mischa Barton. But that's another story.

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If Ronson was really that terrified of Lindsay's state of mind, we doubt she would have included her in her birthday party plans. At least Lindsay's addressing the rumors instead of letting them pile up and further tarnish her image. It's no Funny or Die video response, but we think it counts for something.