We recently mocked Lindsay Lohan for being under-employed and spending like she was still Hollywood's Sweetheart. Much like the folks over at Socialitelife, we also assumed Samantha Ronson was funding her Diddy-esque shopping sprees.

But the truth is, in fact, much seedier. Turns out that new $115,000 Maserati isn't a gift from Samantha, but is actually on loan from "porn king" Dennis DeSantis. DeSantis is the producer of many "legendary" XXX movies - and clearly a very generous man with no ulterior motives whatsoever.

The source claims there isn't any catch to Dennis' gift to the wayward bisexual starlet, however we can't help but wonder if this is an "advance" of some kind.

Listen up, Lindsay: No matter what the "nice" man says or gives you, keep those leggings ON!

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