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Much as we wish Lindsay Lohan would spend a quiet night (or 30) at home with a pot of herbal tea and a stack of college catalogs, she continues to see and be seen. According to E! News, the Samantha Ronson-less starlet, 22, "only had eyes" for Jared Leto during a poolside bash at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Lindsay, who was briefly linked to the ornery actor-cum-30 Seconds to Mars front man way back in 2005, turned up at the shindig a little before midnight with her 15-year-old sister, Ali, who we can only hope finished her homework beforehand.

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Leto, 37, reportedly moseyed over to LiLo and asked her to accompany him to a nearby suite, where he supposedly got all Jordan Catalano on her.

"Jared came over to Lindsay's table to get her, and then they walked into the MTV suite together," picture-paints a spy. "Inside the private suite, Jared pinned Lindsay against the wall and they looked superflirty. He was whispering in her ear, and their bodies were close together."

And somewhere, an angst-y Angela Chase seethes with jealousy.

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E! says the pair's interlude in a "secluded" section of the suite lasted only about 20 minutes, which was perhaps just enough time for them to discuss how their film, "Chapter 27," was so cruelly panned.

Lohan, however, insists the Leto encounter is so much fiction, railing to Life & Style, "I never even saw Jared . . . It's bulls---."

No word on what Ali was doing while Lindsay wasn't socializing with her former flame, but there are concerns about the teen's recent joined-at-the-hip status with her thrice-rehabbed big sis.

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"If you have an older child who is breaking a lot of the rules and engaging in dangerous and risky behavior, this can have a negative impact on the younger child," Dr. Eva Ritvo, a psychiatrist and vice chair of psychiatry at the University of Miami School of Medicine, explains to the New York Daily News (uh, no offense to the good doctor, but one doesn't need years of medical training to reach this conclusion).

So, how was Lohan's behavior at the party? So-so, says the New York Post, which claims she tried to avoid being photographed sitting next to Ali. "Lindsay was definitely in party mode," alleges a spy, "but didn't want anyone seeing her drink."

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As expected, Mama Lohan isn't the least bit worried about Ali's late nights with her underemployed, weight-defending sibling, whom she recently joined on an extended Hawaiian getaway.

"She is home schooled," Dina informs the New York Daily News. "I'm a firm believer in staying in school but, in the business, it's gotten difficult for Ali to be in school."

Oh, and she adds that rumors she's hit the town with Ali are simply untrue. "People are saying I took Ali to a club, which is absurd," says Dina, who seemingly doesn't find it absurd that Ali is clubbing with Lindsay -- on a weeknight. "I don't go to clubs and I wouldn't take a 15-year-old to one."

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