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Lindsay Lohan has spent much of last few weeks shooting down rumors. Another breakup with Samantha Ronson? "It's all bulls---," she insisted. A makeout session with Balthazar Getty? "Not true." A hookup with a male model? "Just because I hang out with a boy, that doesn't mean he is my boyfriend," she scoffed.

So expect the problem-plagued starlet to issue a denial any second now over a breathless report from the London Daily Mirror alleging that she had a close encounter with Gerard Butler over the weekend at a lavish bash for the grand opening of the Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco.

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According to the scene-setting tabloid, Lindsay, 23, "lured" the actor, 39, away as "Billie Jean" played, then teasingly popped her hat on his head, turned up his collar and started "dirty dancing" in his direction.

Faster than you can say "the kid is not my son," they purportedly began rug-cutting, flirting and making out in a corner. Later, they were rumored to have headed off together in a golf cart.

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But a few red flags are flapping in this version of events. For one thing, Gerard's noggin seems a bit too sizeable for Lindsay's hat, and for another, the paper describes her as "looking fantastic," an aesthetic goal she sadly hasn't achieved in quite some time.

Then there's this gem of a stilted, un-Lilo-like quote: "He's hot, he's mine! I've got no ring on my finger, so I'm gonna have lots of fun. This is the most romantic place in the world after all."

Plus, an eyewitness pooh-poohs to the London Daily Mail that Gerard was flirty with "lots of women" and didn't swap spit with Lohan.

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That assertion is backed up by his rep, who tells that the Lindsay lip-lock tale "is completely untrue."

The field-playing Scottish star was most recently linked to Jessica Simpson after they were spotted out to dinner in New York, but insiders downplayed the get-together as friendly rather than romantic.

And this just in: As expected, Lindsay has taken to Twitter to deny the story, writing, "It's amazing, one minute I'm dumped, the next I'm dating a model, now Gerard? WHO HAS THE TIME! Such lies -- it keeps me laughing."

Meanwhile, in other Lohan news, it's no secret that the actress got short-changed in the parental department, but the family dysfunction has achieved depressing new lows thanks to the constantly flapping gums of her jailbird, camera-loving dad, Michael.

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"My father is a lunatic & doesn't even deserve such a title since he's never been around in my life other than when he'd threaten me & my family," Lindsay tweeted on Friday. "He should be where he has always put himself after verbally abusing and physically abusing people all my life -- behind bars."

What's more, fumed Linds, "The next shopping spree I'm going on is for a new last name!!!"

Seems Papa Lohan is threatening to release voicemail messages from ex-wife Dina regarding their famous offspring, along with texts and calls from Lindsay. The reason, he says, is to compel her to seek help for her issues and get Dina out of denial.

"As far as Lindsay is concerned, if she goes into a rehab, I will stop," he yammers to Radar Online. "But if the lies continue and the prescription drug use doesn't stop, neither will I."

Not one to get muscled out of the spotlight, Dina is shouting her intention to block Michael's efforts to divulge their truckloads of dirty laundry.

"We're going to stop it from airing. He is in violation of my order of protection," she tells People magazine. "He is desperate and spiraling out of control."

Dina adds that Lindsay is also looking to get an order of protection against her father, who recently broadcast his plans to kidnap her and "get her straight."

"He is also six months behind in his child support," Dina huffs to the New York Post. "On Monday, we will file a violation order, and if he doesn't pay, he'll go to jail."

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