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Backstabbing and drama? That's old hat for Lisa Rinna, but it was always scripted ... until now!

Having starred in the '90s in "Melrose Place," one of TV's guilty pleasures, Lisa knows a thing or two about drama, so she's not exactly surprised by arguments and disagreements on TV. But, that doesn't mean the newest star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" isn't on her toes when it comes to her reality-TV show, nor is "Housewives" more or less dramatic than she anticipated.

"It's like doing 'Melrose Place' without a script. It's like a roller coaster," she said of the Bravo realty-TV show. "Everything happens, but that's life also. So, no you can't really expect anything and I didn't so I'm not really surprised by anything."

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Her strategy in joining the show, she said, was simple: Have no strategy.

"There's absolutely nothing you can do because you have no control," she said. "All you can do is be your authentic self, that's it, and tell the truth."

Some of that has come easy. For instance, she's known fellow stars Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Eileen Davidson forever. But she didn't know Brandi Glanville at all when she signed onto the show but she's been pleasantly surprised.

"From what I've seen from Brandi, I like her," Lisa said. "She and I have had a really good time together actually so far on the show. I think she's a single mom working really hard to raise her kids and make her way."

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When it comes to the dramatics of "RHOBH," Lisa is like Switzerland right now. She's not really rocking the boat yet, and she's having fun. But she's not naive enough to think it will always stay that way.

"It's fun to watch the other girls and so far I've been pleasantly surprised and pleased, but I'm sure that's going to change," she said.

One thing that will not change, though, is her relationship with her husband Harry Hamlin. Married since 1997, the couple has two children together, Delilah Belle, 16, and Amelia Grey, 13. In the past, reality TV has strained more relationships than we can count, but that's the least of Lisa's concerns, considering her marriage has stood the test of time, especially by Hollywood standards.

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"We went into this with our eyes wide open and it was a decision that we made together," she said. "Harry and I have been together a long time. We are actors and entertainers so this is not something new to us."

She continued, "It's not really going to be an issue for us because it's what we do. I think the problem happens when you aren't in this business and maybe you come into it and you're not dealing with certain issues in your life. If you are going to do something like this it just gets magnified. Harry has been in this business for 40 years and I've been in it for 26 so it's not like we don't know what we're doing."