Turgeon-Steffman / Splash News 1 / 15
Turgeon-Steffman / Splash News 1 / 15

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- A judge says actress Lindsay Lohan's mother is continuing to attend substance abuse counseling sessions following her September arrest on drunken driving charges.

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Newsday reports that Nassau County Court Judge Andrew Engel said at a court conference on Tuesday that Lohan has finished half of her 12 counseling sessions. The 51-year-old Lohan attended the conference and did not comment as she left the court.

The elder Lohan pleaded not guilty to DWI charges following her arrest on a Long Island highway.

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The judge recommended in November that Lohan do community service, saying volunteer work could help her case. Her attorney, Mark Heller, indicated Tuesday that she has not started community service.