The Hollywood Reporter -- After 10 months, Mad Men finally returned with a new episode Sunday night.

AMC's Emmy-winning drama series premiered its sixth-season on Sunday night with a two-hour episode that found Don Draper (Jon Hamm) not speaking an actual word (other than in a brief voice-over) until seven minutes in.

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The episode, titled "The Doorway," kicked off in Hawaii, where the Drapers are checking out a Honolulu hotel that could be a potential Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce client. Later, it's revealed that Don has been cheating on Megan (Jessica Pare) who is recurring on a soap opera, with Sylvia (Linda Cardellini).

Elsewhere, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is working on a Super Bowl commercial, Roger (John Slattery) buries his mother, and Betty's (January Jones) daughter's friend takes off for California after being rejected by Juilliard -- and Betty dyes her hair black after searching for the girl in a Greenwich Village hovel.

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Viewers in Hollywood and elsewhere hit Twitter after the episode aired to share their reactions, which were decidedly mixed. Among them:

Eric Stangel&rlm?

According to the promo- Next week on ?#MadMen people say words.

And ?#sideboob and ?#madmen will trend on twitter in 3...2...1...

Carrie Byalick&rlm

If this was a Friends episode it would be called "The one with the lighter" ?#madmen

Questo of The Roots&rlm?

Obviously this is Betty's version of the Taj Mahal/Jungle Fever scene ?#MadMen

Richard Roeper&rlm?

Seacrest Tweeting about some Kim/Kourtney show the night Mad Men returns reminds me of Albert Brooks' take on the devil in Broadcast News.

Justin Stangel&rlm?

In honor of the new season of Mad Men, I smoked a cigarette, drank a martini, and slapped my wife!

Rob Delaney

MAD MEN? More like I'll be "SAD WHEN" this award winning series comes to an end!

Conan O'Brien&rlm

It's hard to transition from The Walking Dead to Mad Men in one week. AMC could help by having Don Draper wear an eye patch.

Alissa S.&rlm?

So nothing happens on Mad Men any more? Or what?

Kevin Lukacs&rlm?

Mad Men left me with a bitter, cynical taste in my mouth. I loved every second of it. ?@MadMen_AMC


My favorite thing about Mad Men though is how stolen identity has always been the most boring plot.

Bill Scurry&rlm?

Boy, tonight's premiere of "Mad Men" SURE TROWELED ON THE DEATH THICKLY.

David Doc. Rogers&rlm?

If the season finale of House of Lies has as much emotion as Shameless and Game of Thrones and even Mad Men had tonight, idk already awed!

Jake Rotter&rlm?

? mad men is so interesting. character-wise, the men are actually relatively flat whereas the women are so dynamic that they run

Connor Doyle&rlm?

My takeaway from tonight's Mad Men: The 70s were a better time to drink whiskey to excess, owing to all the pot-like things lying around.

Katie Wienke&rlm?

My prediction for the series finale of ?#madmen, miserable Don Draper plunges to his death as depicted in the credit openings.

Rafay Agha&rlm?

So far, I'm just super annoyed by season 6 of ?#MadMen. The drunk guy at the bar...annoying. Megan? Annoying. Don hating everything? Annoying

Kacie Withak

#MadMen in a nutshell: Meagan's teeth, Betty's cheeks, Don is sad, homeless Ganache.

Marisa Balkus&rlm?

Re: Game of Thrones -- at what point does adaptation become butchery? Meanwhile, Mad Men remains flawless.


Oh, thank goodness. That is finally over. Longest two-hour episode on earth. ?#MadMen

Samantha Roberts&rlm?

Can we just talk about the crazy ?@MadMen_AMC tonight? Kind of speechless and so happy it's back. Best show on television. ?#MadMen

Drew M&rlm?

I watched 5 minutes of Mad Men for first time. Verdict: It needs zombies

Kristie Yeung

Can't wait to read the internet's recaps & reviews of tonight's ?#madmen. What themes! What questions! What hairiness!

Corey Anderson

I haven't seen an episode of Mad Men in over 2 years. Five minutes into an episode, and I fall deeply in love once again.


In some shows there is sword fighting, in others, gun play, & then there is critically acclaimed over hyped pencil fighting. ?#MadMen

Sam Valley&rlm

I'm now craving Johnnie Walker for some reason. ?#madmen

Jon Ralston&rlm?

So I've seen the first 15 minutes of "Mad Men," and it has the same actors, but what is this show they are all in now? Tell me it improves.

Chip Pope&rlm?

Mad Men has jumped the shark. New York never had a HawaiiTown! ?#inaccurate

Nancy Allen&rlm?

I guess it's just me. What's happened to ?#MadMen? What a mess!

Greg Berlanti&rlm?

If they kill Roger Sterling this year on Mad Men I'm going to be so upset.

Keith Olbermann&rlm?

Next week on ?#Madmen : Coming attractions featuring one syllable per character

Michelle Branch&rlm?

I think I figured out why I couldn't sleep last night. It was all the excitement over Jon Hamm being back on TV tonight. Hehe. Yay! ?#MadMen

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