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By Dana Flax

Fountain of shoulders and pantless wonder Madonna announced on her Web site today that she will release a greatest hits album this fall. The album, entitled "Celebration," will feature a track listing that was "selected by Madonna and her fans."

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While I applaud the added interactivity in song selection, I'd also like to point out that it may be hard for Madge to outdo her previous greatest hits collection, "The Immaculate Collection." I mean, it is immaculate, for Yahweh's sake. Seriously though, many of the songs in "Celebration," including "Vogue" and "Express Yourself," will be repeats from the former collection. And with the exception of a few choice tracks from "Confessions on a Dance Floor" and "Ray of Light," I don't really find that many songs from the post-Vinyl Onesie Period (see "Human Nature") gracing my iTunes playlist, to be honest.

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Anyway, commendations on the album cover itself, which looks like a pastiche of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. It's about as American as baseball, apple pie, Chinese takeout and Miss Madonna herself.

The album hits stands September 29 (it will be released September 28 for the international early birds).

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