Nir Pekin / Splash News 1 / 3
Nir Pekin / Splash News 1 / 3

By Alex Blagg

On the surface, Madonna's new music video for "Celebration" seems like more of the same: thumping techno, weird shirtless disco dancers in sunglasses, and lots of things that are shiny. You know, the stuff that she's been doing since you were 12. But on closer inspection, just beneath all the hyper-speed break-dancing and pose-striking, one notices a few new faces in the video: Madge's boy toy du jour, Jesus Luz, and her own 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes.

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Luz makes his debut around the 2:10 mark, reaching deep within himself to portray an attractive, exotic-looking DJ who doesn't speak or wear shirts. Basically, he just stands there wearing headphones while his 51-year-old sugar mama violently paws at him. I imagine this is fairly representative of what life is like for him back at home.

Then, about three minutes into the video, after Madonna has finally grown bored with man-handling her young DJ stud, we're introduced to a crew of break-dancers who I suppose are in the process of "serving" each other (that's what break-dancers do, right?). If you pay close attention, in the midst of the 100-mph jump-cut editing, you will notice that one of the breakdancers (the rainbow-colored one with the red tube socks) is Madonna's pre-teen daughter, Lourdes.

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So, is this going to be a regular thing from here on out, or did they just shoot this video on Bring Your Daughter And 22-Year-Old Cougar Snack To Work Day? Either way, Madonna continues to innovate in the medium of music videos.

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