MADRID (AP) — Spanish director Carlos Vermut has won this year's top award for his film "Magical Girl" and also claimed best director prize Saturday at Spain's San Sebastian Film Festival.

The movie, a Spanish-French co-production starring Luis Bermejo, Jose Sacristan, Barbara Lennie and Lucia Pollan, is Vermut's second — after his debut with "Diamond Flash" — and is a crime drama in the film noir tradition, set in Madrid and with references to Japanese manga comics.

It tells the story of Alicia, a sickly child who dreams of a dress in a comic strip called Magical Girl Yukiko. Her father, Luis, will do anything to make his ailing daughter's dreams come true, but the characters become enmeshed in a plot of blackmail and irresistible fate.

Javier Gutierrez won the best actor award.