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Mariah Carey has still got it… or does she?

The megastar unveiled her newest album cover on Instagram on April 12, showing off her skinny, fit frame. Fans, however, didn't exactly believe that the photo of Mimi was authentic.

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The cover photo on her upcoming album, "#1 to Infinity," shows Mariah in a low cut dress that shows off her toned legs and cleavage. She looks every bit as good as she ever has. Many, though, believe that careful editing is to be credited with the diva's look.

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One fan wrote that Mariah was "Shopped to about half her size…" Another person said, "I will buy this album. To appreciating you as a legend. Listening your music everyday make me so happy. Dont care about photoshop, you sell your voice, and your not a model not a cover girl, so i dont care about that."

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It wasn't a total hater parade, though. There were others who came to Mariah's defense, telling the critics to back off the mother of two.

Fans may not be buying Mariah's look on the album cover, but as long as they're buying the actual album, does it really matter?