Given that they're reporting live from the thick of it all, it was inevitable that Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales would catch Olympics fever in a big way.

All four TODAY anchors admitted to Us Weekly in London Friday they've thought about what event they'd compete in -- assuming they had the chops, of course.

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"If you had to pick one Olympic sport to have a gold medal around your neck, for a guy, it would be the 100 meter," co-anchor Lauer, 54, told Us of the track and field mainstay. "That would be cool. Or a boxing gold, or swimming, which is the most glamorous event. But I think I'd want to be Usain Bolt. A slow version of Usain Bolt!"

Lauer admitted sheepishly he knows his dreams of Olympic-glory are a little far-fetched. Confessing he's not much for cardio, he said, "I'm a gym guy, not a runner!"

Guthrie, for her part, has her sights set on Wimbledon.

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"I'd love to play Olympic tennis [there]," the morning show's new co-anchor, 40, gushed.

Morales was a little more indecisive. "I always wanted to be a gymnast!" the newsreader, 40, explained. "Although I never got anywhere with that. I can maybe do a cartwheel and a roundoff. Also, an ice skater! I've always loved that sport. I have my heart in both Olympics."

As for weatherman Roker, 57? He took a more realistic approach to our query. "I'd do the 400 meter freestyle pub crawl!" he joked. "That's what I'm going for."

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