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When Matthew Morrison looks into his crystal ball he sees children -- just not right now.

"I think we're probably on a two-year plan for that," he said. "We'll see."

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But, one thing he is sure of, though, is he's found the right woman.

Speaking of wife Renee Puente, whom he married last month, the "Glee" star said, he's reminded everyday that he's found the "the one."

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"I kept waiting for the bubble to burst and for something to go wrong, but it never really has," he said, while speaking to reporters at the Behind The Camera Awards in Los Angeles. "I'm learning about new things every day. It's really wonderful."

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His wife in tow at the awards, Matthew also reminisced about "Glee," remembering the good and the sad.

"We definitely have had our highs and our lows," he said. "The passing of Corey [Monteith] was a hard thing on all of us, but I really think it's brought us closer and I will always look back at this time as very fond memories."