Entertainment Tonight.Megan Joy's exit from "American Idol" was unique. She was the first-ever contestant to flap her arms and make bird noises, before her final performance on the "Idol" stage.

Still, she has no regrets. "I wouldn't take anything back. I was happy to go the way I did. I was honest. I cared about the competition. I just didn't care that Simon Cowell didn't like my songs," says the 22-year-old mother from Sandy, Utah, who tells ET she loves birds and bird noises. "I just decided that if I was going out, I was going out with a bang."

Megan's run on "Idol" has been a rough one. The one night the judges liked her song was the country-themed performance when she sang the Patsy Cline classic, "Walking After Midnight." It was also her most difficult performance due to illness.

She recalls, "The night I was sick, the miracle was I actually got through my song. I was literally lying on the ground with IVs in me [until 30 minutes before taking the stage]."

In the beginning of this year's competition, it seemed as if Simon was a big Megan supporter, but on Wednesday night's show, he was quite harsh when he told her that the judges were not even going to consider her for a lifeline.

Megan, who credits Bjork with introducing her to a whole new world of music, says that his comment made it easier for her to perform, but she holds no grudge against the Brit wit. "I think his opinion of me changed a little and he was pretty hard on me," she admits. "I think he likes me, maybe just as much as he did, but just not for this competition. I've got no beef with Simon and I don't think he has one with me."

Making it all the way to "American Idol"'s Top Nine means Megan will head out on tour this summer with the rest of the "Idols," which is something she is looking forward to. She is also hoping that her 10 minutes of fame might get her an invitation to appear on Nickelodeon's preschooler hit "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

"The second the show came out, I fell in love with it," she says. "It is genius. I would do anything. I would do the dancey dance. I think they are brilliant. My son would love it." And speaking of her son, he is the reason that, as sad as she is that her "American Idol" run has come to its conclusion, she is anticipating the return home.

"There is a big part of me that can't wait to see my son," she says. "It has been too long and I am ready to hold him in my arms again."

Next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on FOX, "American Idol"'s Top Eight will sing songs from the year they were born.